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Redevco France

A solid portfolio

Redevco France’s portfolio currently comprises 79 properties in prime locations in the main towns and cities of France, with a total value estimated at one billion euros. Most of our properties are retail units that are rented out to major domestic and international retail brands, but also to local retailers. The quality of our assets and their geographical spread, combined with the diversity of our tenant base, make for a solid, balanced portfolio.

After an ambitious acquisition programme, Redevco has now shifted its focus to development. As the initiator of many creative projects, Redevco emphasises quality and long horizons. We want our projects to create significant added value; this enables us to make long-term investments in which sustainability is systematically integrated. We look ahead to anticipate changing forms of consumption and adapt our buildings accordingly, so that they are perfectly aligned with the current and future needs of our tenants. This is why we are seen as a dependable and professional player that also enjoys the advantages of financial resources to match its ambitions.

Clear priorities

Redevco looks above all for commercial properties located in the heart of the biggest towns and cities of France, with a unit investment of between 10 and 100 million euros. We prefer investments that offer potential for us to create value by redeveloping them. We evaluate investment opportunities by applying short- and medium-term financial criteria, but equally with regard to long-term perspectives that take account of changes in society, urban planning and the environment. We are living through a period of evolution and even revolution in urban planning. Today’s new lifestyles are giving rise to unprecedented needs for welcoming spaces for an increasingly urban, ageing, hedonistic population seeking safety and comfort. The future of towns and their centres will involve high-quality retail as is an integral part of the urban fabric rather than operating outside or alongside it.

These days, city centres must combine economic initiatives with physical proximity in order to make life in the city more dynamic. In this context Redevco builds close relationships with authorities, developers and investors.

We are quick to involve our retail partners in the preliminary stages of a project so that we can come up with innovative solutions. With our organisation and financial power, our group is able to take decisions quickly and implement them impeccably.

A team of experts …

Our team is made up of 30 real estate professionals who draw on solid experience in France and internationally. We are in contact with our colleagues in other countries and if necessary we can call on expert assistance from Redevco’s head office in Amsterdam. Above all we have a great deal of local autonomy and real decision-making power.

… to serve our clients

It is Redevco’s commitment to working alongside its clients that makes it one of the leading international real estate companies. We build solid relationships on faultless ethics. What distinguishes us is our constant search for the right balance between economic performance on one hand, and human and social values on the other hand. Our job is to provide good responses to the expectations of our current tenants and of those who may become tenants. User satisfaction is at the core of this job. When we build, buy and let retail properties, we always ensure that the buildings meet the expectations of their tenants perfectly.

Developing and managing a portfolio of high-quality retail properties is the core business of Redevco

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