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Our innovation challenge

To stay ahead of the curve, we must act now and find innovative solutions. Can you help?

Innovation Challenge
Redevco is part of an organisation that has been around for six generations already. The market in which we operate is transforming rapidly and we identified challenges that we need to address. We seek out innovation leaders who can help us. We strongly believe cooperation with the start-up community is key to be able to tackle our challenges smartly, efficiently and fast. Currently we have identified two challenges: one has to do with sustainability and the other one with footfall. Can you help us?

Challenge Sustainability
We have a beautiful building in the heart of Amsterdam. It was originally a museum and it is now home to a tenant that very much wants to experiment with us. It is our aim to create a living lab to see how we can make retail buildings more sustainable.

The general idea is that it costs more money to create sustainable solutions than it will yield. How can we demonstrate otherwise and positively influence the attitude towards operating stores sustainably? What solutions will convince retailers and other stakeholders to work with us and find a shared benefit to future proof our buildings?

In this context we are looking for solutions that are:

  • Delivering a tangible result (help us to improve the BREEAM-ratings of our buildings)
  • Economically attractive (have a sound business case: affordable or even creating value)
  • Scalable (can be rolled-out throughout the portfolios we manage)
  • Pragmatic (are easy to understand and implement by Redevco colleagues)

Challenge Footfall
Footfall, in our case the number of possible customers who visit a shopping street or a particular part of that street in a given period, is key to our tenants’ and thus to our business. Footfall information is crucial input for our investments and asset management strategies.
Measuring footfall is already possible, for instance by using tracking devices or tapping into Wi-Fi networks. These kind of solutions seem pretty management intensive and not easily scalable. Redevco is looking for footfall information in more than 150 European cities.  The key question is how to get accurate and granular insight (address level) into footfall in Europe’s most attractive cities without using a hardware related approach?

In this context we are looking for scalable [software] solutions that:

  • Measure and map footfall periodically on an automated basis (for instance by making use of artificial intelligence techniques to ‘read’ big data).
  • Provide granular insight into the shopping patterns in all of the cities Redevco is interested to invest in.

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