Princes Square, Glasgow, The United Kingdom

Optimisation of existing equipment

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Energy use

Redevco UK has partnered with EP&T Global at Princes Square in February 2018 with the aim of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions through the ongoing optimisation of existing equipment

EP&T Optimisation

EP&T Global are a leading technology and services provider focusing on energy optimisation in commercial buildings. This is done through the installation of energy monitoring hardware and software to provide Building Managers with daily reports comparing real-time energy consumption against a defined target and previous periods. EP&T Engineers work closely with the local site team to identity, resolve and implement the following energy saving opportunities:

  • Ongoing optimisation of heating and cooling set points in line with seasonal demands.
  • Ongoing optimisation of fan variable speed drives.
  • Identification of BMS faults causing pumps to run when not required.
  • Implementation of ‘free-cooling strategy’ in winter months to avoid unnecessary chiller consumption.

Fig.1 Breakdown of consumption and savings 2019

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Key learnings

  • Engagement of the Building Manger is crucial to ensure that the reports are read and the actions implemented. This requires continuous oversight and involvement from Redevco, much more than was anticipated.
  • Regular reporting and a face-to-face meetings with EP&T are required to drive additional energy saving opportunity recommendations and to them hold EP&T to account over the level of actual savings versus the level of estimated savings.
  • Reducing temperature set points has led to increased complaints from restaurant tenants who prefer a high centre temperature. Tenant engagement and education is crucial so these complaints can be dealt with and responded to in a constructive way.
  • When the cinema opened in 2018, electricity consumption greatly increased because the main chiller and pumps needed to run after the shops closed. The EP&T project has highlighted the impact on energy consumption of a change of use; Redevco need to be aware of this so we can adapt our building design accordingly when repurposing traditional retail space.
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  • 12.9% energy reduction
  • £25,251 / €26,708 energy savings
  • 74 tonnes of carbon savings
  • 265 equiv. return flights London to Glasgow
  • 3 year payback period
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Princes Square
The United Kingdom

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51 Tenants incl. H&M, Ted Baker, REISS, Vivienne Westwood, Kate Spade & Everyman Cinema.