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Ecological features

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Ecological features

This is Redevco UK’s first green wall and roof. In addition to the ecological benefits it is a physical symbol of sustainability and greening of the UK portfolio and had been popular in the UK office. This was the largest single cost item at £27,500 however it was also the greatest single contributor to the improved score giving an additional 4.7%.

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  • The second largest cost item was the replacement of all common parts lighting with LED’s. We expect an annual energy saving of £5,900, 42,200 kWh and 21,966 kg of CO2.
  • The payback period is five years, however some of the savings will benefit our tenants.
  • Other improvements to the energy score include the calculation of energy efficiency ratings for boilers, chillers and supplying additional evidence around HVAC system.
  • The energy score increased by 4.5%


  • This is the UK’s first significant BREEAM improvement project.
  • This asset achieved a BREEAM In-Use Very Good Rating, the highest achieved so far for Redevco UK.
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Key measures

  • Ecological features green wall & roofs +4.7%
  • LED lights and HVAC efficiency calculations + 4.5
  • Natural hazards assessment and plan +2.7%
  • Lighting level testing of tenanted areas +2.1%
  • Connect fire and intruder alarms to a monitored facility +1.3%
  • Install Glare control features + 0.5%
  • Various other assessments and additional evidence submitted +3.1%


  • Start planning early: The green wall took five months and six different contractors/consultants.
  • Get an up to date Gap Analysis: BRE update their criteria regularly and so our 2014 Action Plan was not reliable to estimate costs and improvements.
  • Water: It would be good to have included improvements and gain credits for water conservation.
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  • Improvement from Pass [39%] to Very Good [58%].
  • Fully occupied building with no re-development.
  • First significant BREEAM project for Redevco UK.
  • Capex cost of £70,000 (EUR 82,000).
  • Installation of a Green Wall and Green Roofs.
  • LED Lighting installed.
  • Various reports and assessments.
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1 James Street
United Kingdom

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GAP and four office tenants