Redevco Investment Management

Redevco has a dedicated Investment Management business unit that operates from the London office. The eight-strong, London-based team of Redevco Investment Management is responsible for raising capital (both equity and debt), investor relations and implementing investment strategies for capital raised. The team is headed by a Head of Acquisitions and a Head of Capital Markets who are  supported by a number of investment management and finance professionals.

The Head of Capital Markets has a focus on raising equity and debt as well as managing client portfolios, fund operations and investor relations.

The European Head of Acquisitions has the responsibility to coordinate the deal sourcing and manage transactions across the Redevco organisation working closely with its local teams who remain responsible for the actual sourcing of the deals.

Manolito van Ardenne

Managing Director Investment Management, Head of Capital Markets

T +44 (0) 207 4099 777


Adam Starr

Managing Director Investment Management, Head of Acquisitions

T +44 (0) 207 4099 777


Adam Starr


Redevco Investment Management
1 James Street
London, W1U 1DR, United Kingdom

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