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Meet Ángel and Eduardo

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Ángel González Ochoa, Project Manager in Spain

I am a young father and a building engineer. For the last 13 years I have worked in architectural firms, engineering companies and as a real estate consultant. My last position was at a global commercial real estate services firm. But when I heard that Redevco was looking for somebody who could combine project and asset management, I knew that I fit the profile perfectly.


“I learn new things almost every day from our team of top notch professionals.”


I am currently a project manager in Spain and Portugal, as well as an asset manager for some of Redevco’s Spanish and Portuguese properties. The work environment at Redevco is great. I learn new things almost every day from our team of top notch professionals. I like working on redevelopments from the initial sketches to final completion. It is satisfying to see a finished project that I have worked on from the beginning and that leads to real value creation.

Redevco can sum up its core values as ‘Business in Balance’ – our company really is focused on leaving a good footprint on our planet. For example, I get to contribute to Redevco’s ambitions for a Net Zero Carbon portfolio by 2040. It is exciting to be a part of this transformation as we make our assets future-proof.


Eduardo de Simón, Business Controller in Spain

I´m 37 years old, and I work in the Madrid office. When I´m not working, I like to spend time with my wife and two children, play sports, and enjoy a nice lunch with friends and colleagues.

Previously, I worked as a financial auditor in the Real Estate sector. Redevco is a very well-known company, and during my interviews I discovered that it was a great fit for me – we shared the same values and ways of working. I’m a Business Controller, and I mainly focus on controlling and understanding the data we use. To do this, I use my knowledge and understanding of what we are doing and how our business works, which helps me increase efficiency. I also perform reporting and support the Transactions team.


“In our office, we focus less on our individual roles and more on acting as a team as we help each other achieve the high standards that are needed at a company like Redevco.”


Of course, I´m always available when other departments or offices have requests – Redevco encourages a cross-functional culture and way of working, which allows teams to share knowledge as we improve performance. We’re really encouraged to work with each other. In our office, we focus less on our individual roles and more on acting as a team as we help each other achieve the high standards that are needed at a company like Redevco. The more we work as a team, the more we get out of each other and ourselves.


Meet Alfousseny

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Alfousseny Gary, Head of Finance Team in France

I grew up in France, and my maternal origins are from the west of Africa. I’m ‘thirty-something’ with a 4 year-old daughter, and I like to spend time with my family and friends and discover other countries.

I spent 7 years in a chartered accountancy company before joining Redevco in March of 2017, where I provided advice and helped companies produce regulated statements. When I heard about Redevco, unknown to me at the time, I applied. During my interviews, I learned about the different projects in the pipeline and saw that the company had a real willingness to grow. I was ready to leave my consultant role to be part of business projects and contribute my knowledge. I started as a Real Estate accountant, I became Head of Accounting in 2018, then and I have been working as the Head of our Finance team at the French office since the beginning of 2021. My career has involved me in a variety of real estate fields, including retail, residential, warehouse, and offices.


“Small, specialist local teams provide flexibility and facilitate communication.”


Despite Redevco’s size, we have small local teams. This provides us with a lot of flexibility, and facilitates communication and all exchanges. I’m also delighted to be part of a family company with great team spirit – a company that doesn’t set limits to my role and that encourages me to grow.


Meet Yves

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Yves van Herpe, Sustainability Manager in Belgium

I’m Belgian, married with two sons and a Labrador Golden Retriever. I Graduated from Ghent University as a bio-engineer in environmental technology, then finished a PhD from Ghent University in Applied Biological Sciences. I live in a small village not far from Ghent, where I’m active in local sports and culture associations. I like good food, attending concerts, performances and festivals, as well as traveling and cycling.


“Redevco gives me the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.”


My work history includes two engineering firms. I started at Redevco in March of 2006 as an environmental specialist, investigating soil contaminants within Redevco’s Belgian portfolio. I am currently Environmental and Sustainability Manager, where I’m responsible for all environmental, energy and sustainability files in Belgium. Our current focus is mainly on Project Solar.

Redevco provides our team with a professional and extensive framework with the tools and resources we need to perform our job well. This includes a competitive salary, a fair number of leave days, fringe benefits, and office equipment for working at home. Just as importantly, it is a flexible organisation, with a variety of internal and external training activities, as well as the opportunity to attend local and international events with colleagues. But I think the best thing about working at Redevco is that it gives me the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.


Meet Emma

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Emma Taylor, Regulatory Compliance and Governance Specialist


I have Jamaican-Chinese heritage. I am skincare enthusiast which led me to qualify as a skincare therapist and I love a true crime podcast. I was looking for a new role and a new company that could offer me a better work/life balance. I had been working at an investment management company for eight years where I was responsible for governance. I managed and coordinated over 30 board and committee meetings annually. After hearing about the company and the role – and meeting other employees during my interviews – Redevco seemed like the best place for my next work chapter; as the role provided the opportunity for development and the people were genuine and had been employees for years – which is always a good sign. Luckily Redevco agreed!


“I really value the fact that Redevco takes care of its people.”


I am responsible for the regulatory compliance for Redevco’s Value Add Investment Management Limited (VAIM) as well as its corporate governance and that of Redevco B.V. Board. VAIM is an entity regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is the investment manager for a few of our investment vehicles. Being regulated means we have a number of rules and principles we have to adhere in order to remain compliant. I coordinate the BV Board meetings from drafting the agenda, preparing the materials and taking the minutes of the meeting. I am also Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, which is great as I am passionate about developing an open diverse and inclusive culture.

I really value the fact that Redevco takes care of its people. This has been especially true during the COVID pandemic. It’s easy to judge a company when life is ‘normal’. But the way a company treats you during unprecedented times shows its true culture. I am proud to be part of a company that makes our wellbeing a priority.


Meet Cécile

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Cécile Pouzadoux, Portfolio Director in France

I’m what my family and friends call a ‘multifunctional’ woman. In addition to various hats, I had in my professional life, I try to be an exemplary mother. I am proud of my roots in the Auvergne region, and like to make time for cultural activities and Pilates.


“I am proud to help create the world of tomorrow through Redevco’s sustainable engagement.”


In 2017 – after 16 years as an auditor at EY – I came across the Redevco group, and decided to bring my real estate finance skills to a company that focused on retail and operational areas. I was recruited as Head of Accounting, and then promoted to Financial Director one year later. After 2 ½ years, I moved to portfolio activities, and I have been Portfolio Director in France since the beginning of 2021. I manage a wide range of activities, such as asset management, property management and project management in line with fund strategies and the group growth ambition.

Redevco gives its employees room to demonstrate ambition and really stretch professionally. The teams at Redevco in France also helped me adapt to a smaller, ‘human scale’ group and develop new skills. The quality of internal and external discussions is high, and I am always energised as I discover new challenges across a wide scope of activities across technical, human and industry-related topics. I am also proud to help create the world of tomorrow through Redevco’s sustainable engagement and actions in the group and in the funds we serve.