20th anniversary

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Redevco is celebrating 20 years in business. We have REINVENTED ourselves in one way or another throughout the company’s existence in response to strategic choices and developments in the world around us. The latest REINVENTION moment in our company is our move into the residential segment. For Redevco, known in the market for its retail real estate expertise, with assets under management located in city centres, this is a perfectly logical step.

We believe that the most attractive investment locations in the near future will be in multifunctional urban areas – communities in which people live, work, shop and spend their leisure time. Combining retail and residential in a balanced way will only add to the strength of a location. In that sense, mixed-use developments tie in nicely with our retail background. This is what we call ‘creating vibrant places’.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we have created a magazine called REINVENT. The magazine documents special moments in our company’s existence. At the same time, it reflects where we stand today and how we envisage our future. Click below to read the full magazine.


Redevco 20th celebration magazine