Another milestone in UKGBC carbon zero programme


The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a new guidance document aimed at helping commercial real estate (CRE) companies get a handle on understanding emissions from their value chain.

Titled ‘Scope 3 Reporting in Commercial Real Estate’, the guidance focusses on how CRE companies can assess, measure, prioritise and reduce emissions that are beyond their direct control.

Greenhouse gas emissions that occur directly due to a company’s activities or indirectly from their use of energy are known as scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, respectively. All other greenhouse gas emissions that occur due to their activities, but which they have no direct ownership or control over, are known as scope 3 emissions.

For CRE companies, Scope 3 emissions can represent up to 85% of their total carbon footprint. These can cover a wide range of activities such as emissions from the manufacture and transport of materials used in new buildings; emissions from tenants’ energy use; and emissions from employee commuting.

Assessing scope 3 emissions is complex and current approaches to measurement vary significantly between organisations. This guidance has been developed to demystify scope 3 emissions and encourage a more complete and consistent approach to measurement and reporting.

The guidance has been made possible thanks to support from UKGBC’s Advancing Net Zero Programme. The net zero carbon programme that was launched in February this year, is supported by the Redevco Foundation as a lead partner.

Download the report here