Construction works in Lille kicked-off

Façade du 31 - Rue de Béthune,Lille_1 ©Keurk

Redevco announced Vinci Immobilier as its construction partner for the re-development of “Le 31”, a recent acquisition in the city center of Lille in France. The re-development is aimed at transforming the 25,000 m² property into a multi-functional, commercial property of 10,000 m2 retail combined with 8,000 m² offices and a 4* hotel with 120 rooms + 600 parking places.

Redevco aims to re-develop the asset into a commercial engine of Rue de Béthune and Lille’s city center. With its modern façade, the new “Le 31” will enhance the visibility of the site to make it an iconic architectural center of the heart of Lille.

The façade, designed by Saison Menu Architects. is double glazed, making the interior of the retail space light and transparent. The total structure will be built with materials that create a luminous atmosphere. Stainless steel triangular spines will be brought in the hotel and offices and natural anodized aluminum cladding will ensure the building’s soft and delicate reflection. The windows of the hotel will have a high reflective glazing, which makes the whole creation come to live and gives it a constantly changing expression during the day.

The retail part of this unique redevelopment will be opened in the autumn of 2019. The hotel and offices are expected to be ready in the 3rd quarter of 2020. 600 people will work on the site.

Façade du 31 - Rue d'Amiens, Lille ©Stereograph
Façade du 31 - Rue de Béthune,Lille _2 ©Keurk
Façade du 31 - Rue de Béthune,Lille _3 ©Sebastien-Hommes
Les Bureaux - Le 31 ©Keurk
Les Bureaux - Le 31 ©Keurk
Terasse - Bureaux - Le 31 ©Keurk
Angle rue d'Amiens - rue de Béthune ©Sebastien-Hommes