Deltaplan Sustainable Renovation


The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) presented the plan to reduce energy use of buildings by 50% in the coming seven years. Ultimately all real estate in the Netherlands will be CO2 neutral. This ambition described in the Deltaplan Sustainable Innovation was created in cooperation with 60 market parties in Dutch real estate.

The plan is a long term sustainability programme for commercial real estate including stores and supermarkets, offices, logistic centres and social real estate amongst which schools and (health)care. DGBC and its partners, strive to reach the target in 2040 already, necessary to be able to fulfill the Paris agreement, and not in 2050 which the Dutch government is aiming at.

Redevco is part of one of the five working groups, representing retail, that is tasked to develop a roadmap to reach the sustainability ambition of the sector the group represents.

During a conference on this topic on June 21, Annemiek van Doorn, Director of DGCB, handed the Deltaplan Sustainable Renovation to Diederik Samsom, lead of the Built Environment committee.

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