Our approach to COVID-19

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The Corona virus continues to spread and national authorities impose increasingly severe but necessary measures to protect our health. I would like to share with you how we aim to deliver quality services to the best of our ability under these circumstances. It is our priority to maximise the protection of the health & well-being of our employees, our tenants, investor clients and other stakeholders we work with.

We recognise that the COVID-19 issue is affecting people in the communities all around us. We need to collaboratively help getting the situation under control. Therefore we have taken extensive measures to contribute limiting the spread of COVID-19. These measures are geared towards maximising the well-being of our employees in first instance as well as safeguarding our business continuity, which will allow us to continue to service our tenants and investor clients:

  • All Redevco employees are required to work from home. In preparation we have extensively tested and built up the capacity of our IT infrastructure and systems to ensure our staff is able to work remotely. All offices are closed but we can be reached through our normal channels i.e. email, telephone or Skype. For contact details: www.redevco.com
  • We have restricted all international and domestic travel. Our colleagues will be in regular contact with you, our tenants and our partners, to answer any questions you may have or pro-actively inform you on decisions and actions from our side.
  • Our leadership team is in conference daily to coordinate and plan our actions in anticipation of further developments in relation to the impact on COVID-19 on our operation and your businesses. We aim to communicate our response, which may evolve as the situation continues, as timely as possible.

We follow the guidance of (inter) national authorities and ask our teams to strictly comply. All measures are effective until April 6, 2020 at which date we will evaluate and agree how to proceed going forward.

I would like to re-confirm that our teams remain at your disposal and that we aim to provide you with the best service as possible, Thank you for your continued support and valued partnership.

We hope you stay safe and wish all our partners the best of luck and wisdom in these exceptional times.

Kind regards,

Andrew Vaughan
CEO Redevco

Download the memo: 200320 – Our response to COVID-19