Redevco installs PV panels on Amsterdam office roof top

pv panels

In order to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, Redevco has installed 234 PV panels on the roof top of its rented office at the Wibaustraat in Amsterdam. It is expected that the PV panels will generate approx. 50.000kWh a year, which equals more than 60% of its annual electricity demand from its office including charging for the hybrid and electric vehicle fleet.

Since 2008 Redevco has monitored the CO₂ emissions from its operations in terms of CO₂ emissions per employee. These emissions are primarily caused by (1) Energy use in offices we occupy, (2) Business travel by air and rail and (3) company cars. In 2009 a target was set to reduce the CO2 emissions per employee towards 4,372 kg CO2/employee in 2020, which equals a reduction of 20% compared to our emissions in 2009. This target was already met in 2012. When taking into account the results from COP21 (Paris), a new target was formulated for 2020 demonstrating its commitment to be a force for good and lead by example.

 Clemens Brenninkmeijer, Head of Sustainable Operations states; “Our historic performance demonstrates that we can manage and reduce our carbon emissions related to the company cars, business travel and energy use in the offices. Therefore a more ambitious target was set. Now we are aiming at a level of 2,700 kgCO₂ /employee in 2020, which will be a 50% reduction compared to the baseline measured in 2009.”

The PV panels will significantly contribute to achieving this target. During sunny days, when more energy will be generated than used in the office, excess energy can be stored in the batteries of the hybrid and electric car fleet.