Refurbishment of city-centre asset in Arnhem, NL completed


Last week the opening of a 2,200 m2 new store of The Sting Company’s brand Costes marks the completion of the refurbishment of our asset on Roggestraat in the centre of Arnhem, The Netherlands. The construction works started in the first week of January 2020 and were completed by the end of August.

The main objectives of the refurbishment were to covert the former configuration of four retail units into two more flexible units. As well as opening up the space on the second floor, that could not be leased in the past and to totally renew the front façade of the building, making it much more appealing and transparent.

With the re-opening of Open 32 in a much larger unit of 440 m2 and the arrival of the new Costes store the property is again fully leased, giving Roggestraat a new impulse as well as a state-of-the-art new appearance.
The design of the new façade was done by SUM Architecten. The external project management was performed by Man & Meer and the construction by Barten Groep.

Roggestraat_old  Roggestraat_2020
Old situation                                           New situation 2020