Register now: Redevco Roundtable ‘The Future of Cities in a Post-Pandemic World’ on 25 March 12.30-14.00 CET

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After Covid-19. Will 2021 be the Tipping Point for the ‘Great Retail Reset’ and What Will this Mean for the Future of our Cities?
The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the long-term decline of traditional retail, with trends that might still have played out over years compressed into a matter of months. If we have reached a tipping point for the post-pandemic onset of the ‘Great Retail Reset,’ how will this evolve? What does it mean for the future of retail real estate investment models and the urban landscapes of our cities and towns with shopping districts at their heart?

In the first in a series of Redevco online Roundtables on: ‘The Future of Cities in a Post-Pandemic World’, a panel of leading thinkers in real estate investment, urban topography and technologies, will debate the impact of the crisis on the future of retail and the built environment.

Christine Boland, futurologist
Lot Frijling, founder & owner, Yellow Concepts
Andrew Vaughan, CEO, Redevco
Marrit Laning, Co-Head Client & Fund Management, Redevco

Thursday March 25th at 12.30 – 14.00 CET​
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