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€4.2 million

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Galeria Inno, Meir 82-84, department store

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The monumental department store was built in 1901 and has been restored to its former glory. The Inno building underwent a thorough reconstruction for 18 months. During this period, the store remained accessible to the shopping public. The restoration works to the façade, the roof and the domes were finalised in December 2014. The canopy, installed in 1957, was removed to bring the building back to its original state. At the central entrance along the Meir, the impressive red granite pillars were reinstalled. New glazing was fitted to the three domes on the roof and several sculptures were restored and regilded with gold leaf.

The Inno building consists of two units. The corner building at Meir 84, designed by the architect Willem Van Oenen, dates back to 1903 and was known back then as the Moyson electrics shop. It was built in the characteristic neo-Flemish renaissance style and has a conspicuous ‘Elektra’ statue on the roof. The building at Meir 82 was designed in 1901 by the architect Jozef Hertogs and displays an eclectic, baroque-inspired style. At the start of the previous century this building was known as the Tietz warehouses.

The restoration involved the hard work of about 120 workers and a total investment of 4.2 million euros made jointly by Redevco and tenant, Inno. Part of the project was subsidised by the Flemish Government (real estate Heritage), Antwerp Province and the City of Antwerp.


Fact & figures

  • Part of Flanders’ architectural heritage
  • Tenants: Galeria Inno, Lunch Garden, Pearle
  • Architect Meir 84: Willem Van Oenen
  • Architect Meir 82: Jozef Hertogs


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