Calle Goya 47, Madrid, Spain

Tenant Cooperation

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Tenant Cooperation

Even though no big energy related works have been carried out in the unit, the improvement in BREEAM In-Use certificate has been obtained by ongoing conversations with the tenant and having the evidence of all of the sustainability actions carried out. The former tenant did not provide the required information for having a complete view of the status of the building in sustainability terms.


After Zara’s end of contract, Redevco let the unit to Ikea in the same unit. This is the second Ikea High Street unit in Madrid designed to be a showroom. The property only extends to the basement, first and ground floor, the rest of the building is a Condominium of offices.

Ikea completely refurbished the unit subject of the lease and created warm and modern different spaces based on Madrid’s different neighborhoods. The unit includes a restaurant on the first floor.

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With the new tenant Ikea Goya 47 improved its BREEAM In-Use rating from Pass to Good. Ikea was transparent regarding their fit-out project.

Key measures

  • Waste: Ikea recycles more than 5 different waste in comparison to 2 separated from ZARA.
  • Materials: The former tenant provided no evidence for the materials section. This alone increased from 28% achieved in the section to 96% when tenanted by IKEA.
  • Water: Water efficient push buttons for the toilet sinks installed.
  • Health and wellbeing: Better temperature control, Legionella inspections, tea and coffee area, new efficient lighting control system


  • Collaboration with tenants is everything in terms of reducing the carbon footprint
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  • Water efficient push buttons
  • 5 different waste recycling
  • LED lighting (by tenant)
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Calle Goya 47

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