Herstal, Belgium

Circular roof renovations for BRICO and AUTO 5 in Herstal

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Redevco wants to make a positive contribution to more sustainable and liveable city and shopping areas. Together with Bureau Bouwtechniek and Tectum, the roofs of the buildings of the BRICO and AUTO 5 retail chains were renovated in a future-oriented manner.

A thorough circular and sustainable approach and roof structure were chosen which exceed the proposed requirements. The aim of this project was to provide the roofs with solar panels as quickly as possible, but not without first taking care of the roofs.

To begin with, a self-adhesive vapor barrier was glued to the steel deck. Then, 20 cm of PIR insulation was applied. The chosen insulation boards are free from harmful chemicals and have a core made from rigid polyisocyanurate foam. No ALU-laminated plate was used to keep GSM reception in the buildings optimal.

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Photo: All different roof elements can be easily dismantled and recycled for the future.

The bituminous waterproofing contains two layers of roofing sheets, mechanically fastened so that they can be easily dismantled and recycled in the future. The same principle applies to the insulation material, and even the fastening material itself is made entirely of recyclable plastic.

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Photo: Exceeding the usual norm with 20 cm of PIR insulation boards, a material free from harmful chemicals.

This whole roof setup is part of a larger initiative aimed at creating reusable structures that can easily be disassembled. The design philosophy ensures that each element can be separated and repurposed without contamination or degradation.

The materials selected are not only partially derived from recycled sources but are also designed to last a long time before they need fixing or replacing.

The manufacturer of these roofing solutions is so sure about their plan that they promise to take back the old materials and use them again. This forward-thinking approach considers the entire lifecycle of a building, planning for eventual renovations and renews.

The approach used here is a significant step towards more and better circular construction, with the aim to apply it to more roofs in the future.

Article Roof Belgium May 2024 (Dutch)

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Photo: The final result and a significant step towards more and better circular roof constructions.
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  • prepare the roof for solar panels;
  • the structure is easily dismantled and recycled in the future;
  • insultation materials are made from recyclable plastic
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Herstal, Belgium