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Real-time water monitoring with Smartvatten

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Working Together

Together with Smartvatten, a specialist in water efficiency, we have run a 1.5-year pilot with their devices on water meters at 7 locations in the Netherlands. The installation is quick and easy. There is no need for Wi-Fi, you only need a power outlet. The solution is cost-efficient, and the devices can be installed on the water meters of all types of water systems.

With the data that we’ve collected, we have gained a lot of knowledge on the water usage of our buildings, and we were able to analyse where we can improve our water consumption together with our tenants. With this information, we hope to create a benchmark of the types of buildings we manage and compare those buildings to each other.

Joep Wensveen, Project manager at Redevco: “The individual measures might be small, but all these measures together have a big impact. It’s about creating awareness in your water usage.”

Pilot location Fashion for Good Museum in Amsterdam

One of our pilot locations is Fashion for Good Museum at the Rokin in Amsterdam. Our aim is to make this the most sustainable listed building in the Netherlands. Shortly after installation, we already detected a leak. We received an alert that the water consumption was also quite high during the night. This way, we found out one of the toilets was running water 24/7. Fixing this issue saves us 80 litres per hour, this means nearly 2000 litres on a daily basis.

Every month we receive a water usage report in the Smartvatten cloud-based system. With these reports, we are able to analyse the results and, together with our tenants, already take some measures to reduce water consumption. For example: we’ve installed a filter on all the taps and added extra weight to the water tanks of the toilets, so you less water is required to flush.

The aim is to reduce the water consumption with 20% for the year 2021 compared to 2020.

Next Steps

  • We are investigating the possibility to import the water data into a single dashboard, allowing us to see the water consumption as well as electricity use of an asset in one, convenient overview.
  • After the successful pilot in the Netherlands, we also plan a roll-out at locations in France.
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  • Installing Smartvatten ‘Plug and Play’ devices on water meters in 7 locations in the Netherlands.
  • Real-time data monitoring of our water consumption.
  • Improving water consumption together with our tenants.
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The Netherlands

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