RICH’L: Drève Richelle 6, 1410 Waterloo, Belgium

Hybrid shopping park with urban architecture

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Revitalization of a 1970s outdoor shopping complex, located on Drève Richelle in the centre of Waterloo. RICH’L is an innovative hybrid location that combines the advantages of an out-of-town retail park (free parking and large commercial surfaces) with additional brands that are complementary with the main shopping area of the city centre.

Energy Use

The project is exemplary in terms of sustainability with a high-quality architecture that fits perfectly with the urban context of the centre of Waterloo. The pavilions of Medi-Market, Pizza Hut and ING are built in wood and the latest building of the complex is carbon-neutral. This was achieved by consuming the least amount of energy possible at each stage of the building project. To start, by reducing energy needs by the building’s occupants through intensive insulation, green roofs and recovering rainwater. Secondly, through a “green lease”, whereby tenants commit to using heating and air conditioning as efficiently as possible. Lastly, a maximum amount of energy is produced onsite by 2,300 solar panels.

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Link to Mission 2040 / Force for Good

The project is part of the sustainable objective that Redevco has set itself through the “Mission 2040” initiative, to have a project portfolio that is carbon neutral by 2040. The last phase of the RICH’L project meets this objective. To achieve this, Redevco applies the “Trias Energetica” principle, according to which care must be taken to consume as little energy as possible at each stage of the real estate project. First, by isolating as much as possible, providing green roofs and promoting the recovery of rainwater. All this to reduce the energy demand for the building occupants. Then, through a “green lease” contract, we stimulate the tenants of commercial areas to occupy, heat, ventilate & cool the building as efficiently as possible. Finally, a maximum of energy will be produced on site by solar panels on the roofs. The new building is therefore carbon neutral.

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  • 20 units of retail, leisure and F&B
  • Mixed-use: approximately 20 apartments to come
  • Carbon-neutral construction
  • Pavilions made of CLT-wood construction
  • 8,265 sqm green roofs
  • 2,300 solar panels on the roof
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Drève Richelle 6
1410 Waterloo

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Carrefour, Brico, Maisons du Monde, AS Adventure, Delcambe, Terragame, Fast & clean, Tip Top Couture, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Lunch Garden, Medi market, Tui, Villeneuve, Murs, Intersport, Dish, ING, Komini, Shell