We welcome and respect all individuals

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We are many and one.

We recognise that our success is based on the strength of individual differences as well as the importance of equality in terms of how we treat each and every person. We value diversity at Redevco, and we strive to create a workplace in which everyone feels welcome, included, and respected. Whilst we realise that there is work to be done, we are actively building a team that is home to people across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We know we will only become a better version of ourselves – as a company and as individuals – by listening to, learning from, and giving back to one another.

To us, the power of diversity & inclusion (D&I) is crystal clear. That is why we aim to reflect our multifaceted society by increasingly diversifying the composition of our employee population. Redevco needs to be a company where everyone feels safe and accepted across all layers of our organisation. We want to be a place where each employee is able to fulfil their potential and maximise their contribution. This is a prerequisite for offering our employees a healthy and sustainable working environment – and ultimately ensuring our company’s success. To do this, we adhere to three key principles: equality, diversity, and inclusion. We also focus our efforts on four key areas that we believe can and should help us in our journey towards creating a work environment in which everyone feels welcome, included, and respected. Our four areas of focus are:

1) Recruiting and retaining employees.
2) Creating equal opportunities for everybody to grow and advance their careers.
3) Continuously ensuring that diversity & inclusion is a topic of conversation and is recognised as a basis for our company to be successful.
4) Using our influence to learn from – and to contribute to – improving the industry’s performance in the area of diversity & inclusion.

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