Representing the voice of Redevco’s future

Shot of a group of young business professionals having a meeting.

Offering a fresh perspective

In the spirit of Diversity and Inclusion our NextGen will contribute to creating a more inclusive culture, acknowledging the value of diversity and promoting openness. Our NextGen Board is there to develop new ideas and to strengthen Redevco’s vision, mission, strategy and culture. The NextGen members, all young professionals, will be the voice of Redevco’s future.

Listen & act

Including the younger generation to shape the future

Being part of Redevco’s NextGen is a great opportunity for our young talents to learn and develop, and to be working on important strategic topics that are crucial to the further evolution and future of our company. The main responsibilities of our NextGen will be idea generation & innovation, advisory, and delegated decision making. Our NextGen will help the Board assess new ideas and concepts, support them in creating a view and do that by thinking out of the box.

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Our NextGen members

A diverse group of colleagues working together

Redevco’s current NextGen consists of Grégoire, Max, Daryna, Euan, Paul, Kyani and Robin. They represent multiple functions and our seven offices, and they all bring their unique perspectives, valuable expertise and new ideas to the table.

Daryna hamlin

Daryna Hamlin

Portfolio Platform Analyst (Paris)

“I’m enthusiastic about representing the voice of our generation, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusion. My goal is to support initiatives that resonate with our youthful energy and fresh perspectives, ultimately contributing to Redevco’s legacy of transformative growth.”

Euan longman uk

Euan Longman

Property Manager UK

“Redevco is undergoing a period of change, and this is a time where new ideas and views are being embraced. The Next Gen Board provides a platform for this. I want to help create a culture where individuals feel personally invested in our journey towards Mission 2040 and demonstrate our philanthropic values in the work we do”.

Picture paul schmeling

Paul Schmeling

Transaction Analyst DACH

“As part of the Transaction Management, I need to be informed about macroeconomic developments and future trends. This is essential for Redevco to be able to invest sustainably in the long-term. NextGen Board is a great opportunity to pool knowledge from different departments in order to shape and improve Redevco’s future together with a fresh mindset from the younger generation”.

Kyani vansteenkiste

Kyani Vansteenkiste

Portfolio Platform Analyst (Paris)

“Great ideas come from sharing insights, opening yourself up to other insights and working on these together as a team. The NextGen Board allows you to gather these insights from different talented individuals from different parts of the business, making your own insight broader and the final ideas all the better.”

Robin a

Robin Visser

Corporate Communications Manager (Amsterdam)

“I am very much looking forward working together with this diverse group of colleagues on important topics such as our strategy and culture. Sustainability is a topic close to my heart so I will try to incorporate this in every decision we make. Being part of the NextGen Board really gives us the chance to help shape the way forward for Redevco as a company.”