AM starts construction of 303 rental and owner-occupied homes in Amstelveen according to WELL for residential

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Amstelveen, 20 June 2024 – Area developer AM will start the realisation of Hollandse Meesters in Amstelveen. The residential building is sustainable and healthy and comprises 303 rental and owner-occupied homes. Hollandse Meesters in Amstelveen has an artistic and sophisticated design. With a mix of both medium-rent and non-regulated homes, the plan provides a new home for various target groups. Redevco is buyer of the 172 rental homes. Over 75% of the 131 owner-occupied units have already been sold. Construction is in the hands of BAM Wonen.

Green and healthy as a starting point
A unique feature of Dutch Masters is that it is the first and only project in the Netherlands to participate in the new WELL for residential programme of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). This gives priority to the health, comfort and well-being of the residents. They will soon enjoy a sustainable and green residential building.

This masterpiece, near Amstelveen’s city centre, was designed by Rijnboutt Architects. The building has a base with two towers, a 15-storey tower for the owner-occupied apartments and a 17-storey tower for the rental apartments. Below the building is a two-storey parking garage with 207 spaces for cars, communal bicycle parking and shared mobility.

The living concept is characterised by sharing and meeting. There will be Friends flats, a shared living room, a communal courtyard garden and roof terraces. There will also be a commercial space especially for residents and the neighbourhood. 

The building is designed in a U-shape with an open orientation to the adjacent green canal with water. This park landscape will be extended as a green carpet to the inner garden and the greenery on the facades.

Official act
During a festive gathering on 20 June, Amstelveen’s Alderman Floor Gordon of spatial planning will perform the official act. A colourfully painted prefab concrete foundation pile will be driven into the ground together with representatives of AM, Redevco and BAM Wonen. Floor Gordon: “After years of preparations, we managed to add a good mix of housing in a beautiful building. A green and image-defining spot in Amstelveen’s Stadshart. A real landmark.” The festive start of construction moment will be celebrated with buyers and relations.

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