EDEKA a new tenant in C&A building in Nuremberg

Redevco c&a nürnberg 291121 (c) redevco

Dusseldorf, 29 November 2021 – Redevco Germany is developing another single-use tenant property into a future-proof asset: a long-term lease has been signed with EDEKA for a space in the C&A building on Ludwigsplatz in Nuremberg. After the necessary official approvals are obtained and after completion of the comprehensive construction works, the food retailer will move into the basement which covers more than 2,900 sqm. The opening of the latest generation store is planned for the 2nd half of 2023.

The new EDEKA shop will have direct access to the “Weißer Turm” underground station. The high-quality concept envisages a market hall principle with various gastronomic offerings that will invite people to enjoy and linger. Escalators will connect the supermarket with C&A; the fashion retailer will continue to operate the sales areas from the ground floor to the 2nd floor.

Redevco c&a nürnberg 291121 (c) redevco
C&A building in Nuremberg: from the 2nd half of 2023 with a new EDEKA shop in the basement (photo © Redevco)

Rowan Verwoerd, Portfolio Director of Redevco Germany, says: “Together with our new tenant EDEKA we have explicitly committed ourselves to carrying out the constructions works with the greatest possible consideration of sustainability measures. In cooperation with the engineering firm fuhrmann + keuthen, highly efficient refrigeration systems with environmentally friendly refrigerants will be installed, which will also be used to heat the building,”

Susanne Wolf, EDEKA Regional Manager of the Expansion Business Unit, says: “In our efforts to act sustainable, it is important to us to use as little previously undeveloped space as possible, but to use the existing building fabric wherever feasible. In addition, with a project like this, we want to show that there are possibilities to counteracting the desolation of city centres.”

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