Interview with Herman Jan Faber, Global head of external clients and business development: Going for sustainable growth

Herman jan faber lr

We are on a mission to grow our AuM and client base. In the latest PropertyEU magazine, Herman Jan Faber, our global head of external clients and business development, explains how we will move beyond our traditional ground of retail, towards a broader focus on creating vibrant places in cities and the urban environment that also contribute to the health and well-being of citizens and visitors alike.

Herman Jan Faber says: “We can leverage our capabilities in our existing platform and our knowledge of cities and the wider urban area to offer transaction management, asset management, property management and development management services to new clients.”

A significant element in Redevco’s strategy to grow and diversify revolves around Mission2040 and its aim to make the entire AuM Net Zero Carbon in less than 20 years from now. “We want to make cities better and help them become the place that is sustainable and contributes to the health and well-being of the people that live in it. We want to create places where people want to work, live and play. I don’t think we would be satisfied with simply hitting €10bn: we want to create the cities of the future by focusing with our clients to invest in the right places at the right time.” Herman Jan Faber concludes.

The full magazine can be read on the PropertyEU website (subscription) and the article HERE.