Introducing Built by Nature

Today sees the launch of Built by Nature, a major new Europe-wide network and grant-giving fund with a vision of a built environment that works in unison with nature – and a mission to accelerate the timber building transformation.

Launching alongside leading climate organisations and industry frontrunners across the sector, including developers, designers, asset owners and insurers and investors, Built by Nature’s network will support pioneering businesses, policymakers and city leaders in their work to decarbonise our built environment.

Joining forces to accelerate the timber building transformation

Redevco is one of the industry frontrunners that committed to help and promote the Built by Nature initiative and share knowledge and experiences with regards to timber buildings or timber construction. As a frontrunner we will

  • collaborate with industry frontrunners and other key stakeholders in Built by Nature’s networks, to collectively drive Europe’s timber building transformation.
  • share general non-private knowhow on timber construction, such as relevant building project case studies, for Built by Nature to amplify this via its platforms.

Its Accelerator Fund has also launched today, to fund teams and solutions that scale up timber building and raise the bar on the positive climate impact of building with timber from sustainably sourced forests; it offers grants of between €50,000-€250,000.

Read more about the Built by Nature initiative here.