Joining the WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment tackling whole life carbon

Today, during COP26 Cities, Regions and Built Environment Day, we’ve joined the World Green Building Council: The Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment. Pledging to take increased action to decarbonise the built environment across their portfolios and business activities, representing annual turnover of $85 billion.

The signatories required to achieve net zero carbon operational emissions in their building portfolios by 2030, and achieve maximum reductions in embodied carbon across the building lifecycle; whilst compensating for those embodied carbon emissions that are out of an organisations’ direct control. This is a critical next step for our sector in order to halve building and construction sector emissions by 2030.

Read more about the commitment. You can also see our special Redevco commitment page.

Tackling the crisis together​​​​​​​
We, at Redevco, find signing these types of commitments very important because the climate crisis can only be tackled together. These commitments recognises leadership, required collaboration and stimulates the innovative approaches, solutions and business models necessary for the entire sector to reach 2050 goals. Help us spread the word!

Redevco nzcb commitment 11.11.21