Laudes Foundation announces partnership with WGBC on #BuildingLife project

Yesterday the Laudes Foundation announced a partnership with World Green Building Council. Laudes Foundation was launched earlier this year and is also part of the COFRA Group. At Redevco and with the Redevco Foundation we work closly with the foundation on achieving net zero carbon in the built environment.

Together with IKEA Foundation, Laudes Foundation supports the #BuildingLife project. Because if we really want an inclusive carbon-positive economy, we must address the total impact of buildings: not only the operational emissions of buildings, but also the environmental impact of the manufacturing, transportation, construction, and end-of-life phases of built assets.

“Accelerating industry, regulators and investors towards a net-zero carbon built environment is critical — and we must tackle emissions across the whole building life cycle if we’re serious about it.” Says James Drinkwater, Head of Built Environment Laudes Foundation

Read more about this partnership here.