Parque Corredor has increased its fashion sales by 65% after its refurbishment

Javier serrano alix

53 operators have taken advantage of the construction works to refurbish and modernise their units or to open new stores, creating a large number of new jobs 

Madrid, 10 February 2022 – After the completion of the first phase of a comprehensive renovation project in which 45 million euros have been invested, Parque Corredor is currently a new more attractive, spacious and sustainable shopping center, reinforcing its commercial mix in the Northwest area of Madrid. Over the last few months, 15 new brands have joined the center, betting on the success of the new project.

This refurbishment has been so attractive to customers that the center closed the last quarter of 2021 with an increase in its influx of visitors of 17% over the previous year. This has resulted in an increase in comparable sales in fashion stores of 65% over the same period. All this has been possible,despite the measures and restrictions caused by the pandemic,the logistics crisis and the recent opening of a shopping center in the vicinity.

During the period of constructions works 38 operators have taken the opportunity to address a comprehensive refurbishment of their units, reinforcing their link with the new scheme: Kiabi, H & M, Sports Direct, Outlet de El Corte Inglés, Pull & bear, Stradivarius, C & A, Sfera, New Yorker, Inside, Soloptical, Benetton, Kiwoko, Décimas, Encuentro, Primor, Tramas, Casa Móvil, Greenwich, Misako, Oteros, Oro Vivo, Joya Diseño, Time Road, ONLAE Loterías, Belros, Max Colchón, Tramas+, Lola Rey, Yves Roucher; Movistar, Orange, Toys’r us, Ranger, Vodafone, Medilaser, 4 fours and Maxichina have updated and modernised their stores incorporating new technologies and improving the shopping experience.

After the renovation, Parque Corredor has already incorporated 15 new brands, 11 of which have already opened their units: Zara, Bershka, JD Sports, Sprinter, Alain Afflelu, MGI, AW LAB, Hug & Clau, Singularu, Harry and The body Shop; and four stores are finishing their constructions works for their upcoming opening: Rituals, Bite the Pasta, Solvision and Hubside.

And in this wave of openings, there are also new brands that are interested in joining this great commercial project. Negotiations are at an advanced stage with five more brands that are expected to be signed in the first half of February.

Javier serrano alix

The new Parque Corredor continues to boost economic activity in the Torrejón area and after the refurbishment a lot of new jobs have already been created and it will continue to generate more jobs with the next ambitious phase,the refurbishment of the leisure area, coming in the next months.

Visitors are already enjoying the comforts of the center that now has larger and brighter transit areas, which guarantee compliance with safety distances, as well as new rest and recreation areas in which cafes and terraces have been incorporated. New façades and entrance doors have been created, parking and accesses have been modernised to facilitate vehicle traffic; large skylights have been opened to increase natural light and which will also help to reduce energy consumption.

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