Redevco published its 16th Responsible Investment Report

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Our mission, to make cities more sustainable and liveable, not only requires us to massively reduce operational and embodied emissions within our assets, as we are working towards net zero carbon by 2040, but to also evaluate the social impact of everything we do. As we move into an age of climate awareness and global warming, we take this responsibility seriously in light of future generations and strive to meet our targets as best we can. Today we published our 16th Responsible Investment report highlighting what we have done in 2023 to support our mission.

Cities and urban areas are our primary focus in our desire to create more positive impact and ‘be a force for good’. Last year we put great emphasis on embedding our mission statement throughout the organisation, so that each department and team member took it on board and understood the core principles. We feel stimulated and inspired to constantly investigate and search for the best solutions, deepening our knowledge of social and natural environments and becoming ever more ambitious.

We know we can create even more impact when increasing collaboration across the industry. Redevco wants to lead by example and invites you, our stakeholders, to share knowledge and experiences, and in doing so accelerate the learning curve.

Redevco’s 2023 Responsible Investment Report can be found here.

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