Reforestation with Land Life Company – compensation of our CO2 footprint

In line with our Mission 2040 we are working towards Net Zero Carbon office operations as well. These CO2 emissions come primarily from the energy use of our seven offices, air travel and the emissions from company cars. At Redevco we are continuously working to further reduce our CO2 footprint per employee. We do this in our efforts to act responsibly and reduce our impact on the environment. As we are not able to reduce this to zero already, we have decided to partner-up with Land Life Company for the next five years. With Land Life Company we will offset the CO2 footprint of Redevco’s office operations via reforestation of degraded land in Spain.

Clemens Brenninkmeijer, Head of Sustainable Business Operations at Redevco: “At Redevco we are convinced that we need to lead by example to inspire our client investors and tenants to support our Mission 2040. In line with our ambition to making our entire portfolio net zero carbon by 2040, we have taken various measures to decrease the footprint of our office operations as well. We have for example installed LED lighting in all offices, solar panels on the roof of our Amsterdam office and reduced our company travel emissions by promoting electric driving and public transport. We are planting trees with Land Life Company to make both a positive impact on the climate and to compensate for the CO2 that is emitted annually by our offices operations.”

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