Supporting initiatives that focus on sustainability in the built environment

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Our partnerships

In the past few years we have supported many initiatives that focus on sustainability in the built environment. We seek to find and support sustainability initiatives within the wider real estate sector with potential for high impact across the sector and that would potentially not happen without funding from Redevco Foundation. This particular programme focuses on initiatives that aim to increase our understanding of and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon and circular-built environment.

Tackling the crisis together​​​​​​​

We, at Redevco, find signing sustainability commitments very important because the climate crisis can only be tackled together. These commitments recognises leadership, required collaboration and stimulates the innovative approaches, solutions and business models necessary for the entire sector to reach 2050 goals.

Industry Frontrunner

Built by Nature

Built by Nature, a major new Europe-wide network and grant-giving fund with a vision of a built environment that works in unison with nature – and a mission to accelerate the timber building transformation.

Redevco is one of the industry frontrunners that committed to help and promote the Built by Nature initiative and share knowledge and experiences with regards to timber buildings or timber construction. As a frontrunner we will

  • collaborate with industry frontrunners and other key stakeholders in Built by Nature’s networks, to collectively drive Europe’s timber building transformation.
  • share general non-private knowhow on timber construction, such as relevant building project case studies, for Built by Nature to amplify this via its platforms.
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Programme partner

ULI C Change

C Change is a ULI-led programme to mobilise the European real estate industry to decarbonise. C Change was formed in late 2021 by a group of leading real estate players that was united in its aim to focus on collaboration to ensure companies large and small have access to practical solutions and education on decarbonisation.

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World Green Building Council

We’ve joined the World Green Building Council: The Net Zero Carbon Buildings commitment. Pledging to take increased action to decarbonise the built environment across their portfolios and business activities, representing annual turnover of $85 billion.

The signatories required to achieve net zero carbon operational emissions in their building portfolios by 2030, and achieve maximum reductions in embodied carbon across the building lifecycle; whilst compensating for those embodied carbon emissions that are out of an organisations’ direct control. This is a critical next step for our sector in order to halve building and construction sector emissions by 2030.

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