With our deep knowledge of urban environments we help cities transform


We want to make cities better places to live, work, shop & play.

At Redevco, we want to contribute to the future of our cities, creating vibrant locations and make cities more sustainable and liveable for all.

We believe in cities

Great knowledge and experience investing in urban real estate

Cities are evolving rapidly and need to become healthier, more sustainable places for the well-being of both people and planet. And we have a role to play in this transition.

Our heritage lies in retail real estate, so we know first-hand what the beating heart of a city looks and feels like. Now we are expanding our horizon beyond retail by diversifying into other segments. We have significantly restructured the share of the different retail segments within our portfolio. The majority of our acquisitions in the past five years have been outside retail, and we will continue to strengthen our position in locations and segments that are the most resilient. Future investments will largely be concentrated in mixed-use urban locations, as the blurring of boundaries between real estate asset classes accelerates.

We also believe in future-proofing our assets and making them more sustainable –economically, socially and environmentally. It is part of our goal to create vibrant locations that will retain their appeal for future generations, while respecting our planet. This includes improving the environmental and social impact on local communities and businesses where each asset is located.

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In-house research

The basis for our investment decisions

Redevco always strives to mitigate location risk. To achieve this, an in-depth overview of a city’s attractiveness for real estate investment is crucial.

The right mix of qualities that inspire and appeal to future generations determines which cities and locations will succeed or risk failure in the long term. Our ability to identify future-proof locations is at the core of a successful real estate investment strategy – and it drives our performance.

We therefore created our City Attractiveness Tool in 2012. This tool ranks and scores cities according to their attractiveness for investments. Each year, we refine and update the City Attractiveness Tool to keep our city overviews as up to date as possible. Moving forward, we will expand the tool beyond retail real estate. We will also use our Asset Attractiveness Tool to assesses perceived asset quality, micro location and current and future risks and opportunities.

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Helping the urban transition into liveable cities for all

Live, work, shop & play

Whilst urbanisation and aging continues, urban areas thrive and serve as vibrant and attractive hubs to live, work, shop and play. Mixed-use environments are key for city centers to attract people and cater to their needs. Our vast experience with inner-city transformation projects can help these locations to flourish.

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The core fundamentals of the residential investment market are extremely strong with 70 million people projected to move to Europe’s leading cities over the next 30 years. People will continue to want to live in vibrant, urban areas and the strongest, future-proof investment locations are those where people can enjoy the right mix of functions of living, working, shopping and leisure activities.

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The heart of the city will remain a logical location for people to meet for work. Even post-pandemic, office locations will still be in demand. However, the workplace is changing as people will seek to balance flexibility and remote working. More co-working and flexible office spaces are therefore likely to arise and we foresee those spaces to be mixed with other functions.

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Retail is an essential element in the mix, where people live and work. Shops have always been the anchor of the city, and form the beating heart of its neighbourhoods. As consumer behaviour is changing, retailers adapt their businesses and demand retail space to be more integrated and flexible.

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Human beings are social creatures and love to meet with each other. We also like to do things together and create valuable memories. Whether it is having a bit to eat, visiting a museum, or watching a movie, we like to have a good time together. This is why experience-based leisure locations – Food & Beverage, culture and entertainment – are indispensable.


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