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We are connected through our culture and a common purpose

Our colleagues are our partners, and we collaborate on the basis of trust. Our culture is built on the shared values of integrity, balance, excellence, and team spirit. We enjoy being together, working in teams and raising the bar as we continuously seek an optimal balance to help us thrive as individuals, teams and as a company.


Being a trusted partner means many things. It means being someone you can rely on and build with. Someone you can deal with on the basis of equality and mutual respect, and in the spirit of collaboration. This is also how we engage with our colleagues. We make them feel welcome and valued in every aspect that they bring to the job.

Our people are knowledgeable and skilled, and bring their unique self to the table. We offer them an environment in which they can fully use their capabilities and maximise their potential. We also stimulate personal development and help them fulfil their ambitions.

Meet us
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The Redevco way

There is a Redevco way of doing things. It is characterised by treating everyone equally and with respect, whether they are colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders. We do business fairly and honestly at all times and in all matters. Our level of professionalism is high, and we value quality above all. At the same time, we value an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to new insights and different ways of doing things better and faster. Most importantly, we care about our people, and we make their health and well-being a key priority. This all comes together in our values of integrity, excellence, balance and team spirit.

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A common purpose

Balance is important. Not only in how we organise our professional and our private lives, but also in our relationships with wider society and our planet. We are part of a family-owned business, so taking a long-term view comes naturally to us. When working at Redevco, you become part of a team that cares deeply about people – especially the generations to come – and the planet. We believe that as an investment manager with a focus on urban real estate, we are well-positioned to help cities become healthy and sustainable places.

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We care deeply about the health and well-being of our employees

Happy & healthy people

Striking the right balance is a responsibility our company and our employees share. At Redevco, we believe that our employees are best able to contribute to the success of our company if they feel happy, healthy, and engaged. Many factors play a role in creating an optimal balance. As an employer, we want to actively foster a positive and productive work environment and provide our colleagues with the means to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Happy & Healthy Employees, our vision on Well-being
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Staying fit & healthy

A well-balanced mental state positively influences the physical state and vice versa. We believe a healthy body and mind start with healthy eating habits and staying physically fit during and after working hours. We are committed to enabling a healthy lifestyle for our employees that suits their needs.

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Flexibility in time and place

Business in balance is one of our guiding principles. It is rooted in our belief that we must balance the social, environmental, and financial impact of our business activities. This also applies to our day to day work. At Redevco we understand the value of a healthy work-life balance and take a flexible attitude about when you work and where.

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Attractive workspace

Whether you work from our offices or your home office, you should feel comfortable. At Redevco, we want to offer our employees a place that is pleasant, ergonomic and appealing. We value a good atmosphere in the office, created through a variety of factors. We also believe your home office should be comfortable, so we contribute to a proper set-up there as well.

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Room to grow

In the area of personal development, we believe in continuous and life-long learning, and we provide our staff with ‘room to grow’. We believe that fostering a growth mindset has a strong and positive impact on the health and well-being of our people, as well as their motivation. It is our responsibility to offer our employees the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to perform to the best of their  potential.


We are many and one.

 We recognise that our success is based on the strength of individual differences as well as the importance of equality in terms of how we treat each and every person. We value diversity at Redevco, and we strive to create a workplace in which everyone feels welcome, included, and respected. Whilst we realise that there is work to be done, we are actively building a team that is home to people across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We know we will only become a better version of ourselves – as a company and as individuals – by listening to, learning from, and giving back to one another.

More about Diversity & Inclusion
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As an investment manager focused on urban real estate, Redevco wants to contribute to making cities more sustainable and liveable. Cities are evolving rapidly and need to become healthier, more sustainable places for the well-being of both people and planet. This is particularly relevant to the younger generation, therefore Redevco established a NextGen Board that allows the younger voice in our company to be heard and that will be instrumental to help the company play its role in the transition that cities need to make.

More about the NextGen Board
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