Redevco Creates NextGen Board to be involved in Creating a Socially Responsible and Future-Proof Strategy

Shot of a group of young business professionals having a meeting.

Amsterdam, November 30, 2021 – Redevco, one of Europe’s largest privately-owned real estate investment managers, has created a NextGen board with eight members representing various functions across the organisation and each of its six European offices. NextGen’s remit will include offering Redevco’s Board a fresh perspective on the company’s vision, mission, strategy, and culture.

As an investment manager focused on urban real estate, Redevco wants to contribute to making cities more sustainable and liveable. Cities are evolving rapidly and need to become healthier, more sustainable places for the well-being of both people and planet. This is particularly relevant to the younger generation, therefore the NextGen Board will be instrumental to help the company play its role in this transition.

Andrew Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer Redevco: “NextGen provides a platform for the young talent of our company. We have invited eight individuals from different functions, cultures and locations to provide new ideas and perspectives to strengthen our business now, and in the decades to come. As a Board we are looking to be challenged by our younger employees, who bring creative solutions, less traditional views and their personal, relevant experiences to the table. Our NextGen board represents the voice of Redevco’s future.”

NextGen, whose members are all under the age of 35, will be chaired by Emma Taylor, Compliance and Governance Manager based in London. Other members include:

  • Robin Visser, Corporate Communications Manager (Amsterdam)
  • Ángel González, Project Manager (Madrid)
  • Sören Bockem-Rozendaal, Business Controller (Dusseldorf)
  • Benoît van Haare Hermeijer, Transaction Manager (Brussels)
  • Olivia de Potter Development Manager (Brussels)
  • Wassila Falih, Business Controler (Paris)
  • Gemma Barklie, Management Assistant (London)

Emma Taylor, Chair of the NextGen board: “Young people have an important role to play in the future of Redevco and being chosen as part of the NextGen board offers a great opportunity to learn and develop, while working on important strategic topics that are crucial to the further evolution of our company. One of our goals is to work with our senior management, the Redevco Board in particular, to develop a more inclusive culture for the business in recognition of the value that diversity and  openness promotes for organisations such as ours.”

The main responsibilities of NextGen include idea generation and innovation, advisory, and delegated decision making. NextGen board members all report to the Redevco Board.

The NextGen board is also represented on this page

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