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redos is now Redevco

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In May 2022 we acquired a majority stake in redos to strengthen Redevco’s market position, especially in the highly attractive and resilient retail park segment and grow our businesses together.

One year later redos and Redevco made a significant step creating one of Europe’s largest Retail Warehouse Parks asset management platforms by combining their retail park properties, those of redos in Germany and the ones of Redevco mainly in Belgium. This combined portfolio represents roughly 4.5 bn EUR of AuM.

As a further step in integrating the two companies, Lars Heese, who was already responsible for Redevco DACH became responsible for the entire DACH operations, run out of the offices in Dusseldorf and in Hamburg. By doing this, we can make use of the synergies and economies of scale – being part of a European platform.

Now we have also renamed redos in Redevco to underline the integration of the two companies. This means that the redos website is no longer active but merged into the Redevco one.