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The picture this blog opens with is one of the garden of Hollandse Meesters, a residential building we acquired in Amstelveen. I’ll be coming back to Amstelveen later in my blog. Redevco’s recent acquisition of the Porseleinen Toren (Porcelain Tower) residential development in Delft is truly green and represents so well the ‘force for good’ culture that is embedded across our organisation.

The location alone ticks all the boxes: Nieuw Delft is a sustainable neighbourhood that is being built on a site above a new tunnel created for an underground high-speed railway line. Our 40-metre high, energy-efficient residential complex will be the centerpiece of this new district. This is not a traditional ‘greenfield’ area development, it is more like a ‘newfield’ project, where land is being carved out in one of the most densely populated and built-up areas in the country. Even better, no trees are being chopped down – in fact a parklike environment with plenty of trees will be created where once a fast-speed train cut a swathe through the countryside.

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The Porcelain Tower in Delft

The building itself and the entire new location will also have excellent green credentials. The Porseleinen Toren will use solar panels – like all the other homes being built here – and an alternative energy source supplied by a highly innovative fresh-air heat-exchange installation. Maximum insulation will add to a high level of energy-efficiency. All in all, this development definitely contributes to our ambition to create a carbon-neutral portfolio by 2040.

We’ve invested in another residential development, as said, which also scores well on ESG criteria in Amstelveen, called Hollandse Meesters. Like the Porseleinen Toren, this property is being constructed to high sustainability levels and will be positioned in the mid-market rental segment.  As in Delft, there is an acute shortage of affordable rental accommodation in the Amsterdam region, and we are convinced that the high-quality apartments on offer will be let very quickly.

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Hollandse Meesters in Amstelveen

Hollandse Meesters will also have highly sustainable solutions, including heating and cooling storage technology, solar panels and water buffering on the roofs, to regulate the indoor climate. The building’s design is aimed at maximising natural light and air quality to promote a healthy environment and lifestyle. Residents will also have access to a shared mobility hub offering e-bikes, scooters and electric cars and can make use of a coffee bar, co-working spaces and a concierge service. In addition, we aim to have the building WELL certified, which underlines our effort to create a place that contributes to people’s health and well-being. Applying the WELL framework to residential buildings is not often done at this moment.

And to top it off, our new residential development in Amstelveen is a good example of repurposing as it will give a former office location a new lease of life. It really doesn’t get much greener than that.

Robert Bakker,
Project Manager Redevco NL

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