C Change programme led by ULI Europe

We are a proud sponsor of the C Change programme led by ULI Europe. Together with other leading real estate players we aim to focus on collaboration to ensure companies large and small have access to practical solutions and education on decarbonisation. ULI C Change has launched its Transition Risk Assessment Consultation Guidelines and the accompanying discussion paper: Breaking the value deadlock: enabling action on decarbonisation.

About C Change

C Change is a ULI-led programme to mobilise the European real estate industry to decarbonise. We’re a movement empowering everyone to work together for a sustainable future. We connect the brightest minds from across the value chain. We challenge barriers, share expertise, and champion innovation to move swiftly to accelerate solutions that will transform our industry and protect our planet. C Change means real change.

Find out more and download the paper here: C Change | ULI Europe