Hope to see you at MIPIM!

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MIPIM is, of course, first and foremost a place for doing business, so we are excited about the prospect of meeting up with existing and potential partners to talk about Redevco’s plans for the coming period. In recent years, we expanded our residential portfolio and we’re forging ahead with our mixed-use, retail warehouse and hospitality focus. Retail and residential go very well together and we see huge opportunities for integrating housing into outdated retail schemes and repurposing retail parks to turn them into thriving hubs for living, working, leisure and hospitality as well as shopping.  

For example we’re drawing on our retail and redevelopment expertise at Templars Square, a 1960s local shopping centre in Oxford in the UK that we acquired at the end of last year with a view to transforming it into a landmark residential-led mixed-use scheme over the next decade. This is the type of project we feel well-equipped to tackle – it draws on all our skills and expertise and will, upon completion, meet the criteria we have set for a future-proof portfolio. 

We’re on the lookout for more opportunities to leverage our deep knowledge of European cities and create investment strategies that will make our ever-changing urban landscape greener and more liveable. Redevco offers a variety of investment opportunities for investor clients, targeted at repurposing to mixed-use, as well as the residential, leisure & hospitality and retail warehouse parks sectors. 

Do get in touch if you would like to discuss an asset management, investment or (re)development opportunity. You could also drop by our stand R7.E54. Always interested in meeting with like-minded partners.  

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Blog by Robbert Zoet, Head of Capital Raising