Our Responsible Investment Report 2020 available now

Solar power plant in modern city in sunset,sustainable renewable energy

We are pleased to introduce our 2020 Responsible Investment Report. 2020 was an extraordinary year. It will go into the history books as the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic turned into a worldwide health crisis. For many, it also turned into an economic nightmare and for all it just required a lot of us all in terms of flexibility, adaptability and persistence. Our cities are being transformed at their core, as they become increasingly digital and more sustainable. This is underpinned by people’s changing needs, habits and priorities, as well as shifting demographics. The pandemic is accelerating this transformation further, as it impacts every aspect of people’s lives in urban spaces.

We strongly believe that we can help cities become more positive environments for citizens and visitors alike. To do this, our growth and diversification plans include making our entire portfolio Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Last year’s efforts that contribute to realising our vision are presented in this Responsible Investment Report. One important action was putting a Redevco ESG Policy in place to frame our sustainability approach in internationally-recognised terminology, and to provide transparency to all our stakeholders. This overarching framework clearly states how we want to work as an investment manager and how we wish to interact with our stakeholders.

The past year has proven to be challenging. It demanded that we change our ways quickly and adapt all of our routines overnight. However, we are optimistic about our future and that of society at large. We should use this situation to ‘reset’ our approach – to structurally change behaviour that negatively influences the well-being of people and the planet. At the same time, we should use this opportunity to reinforce practices that will lead to better places to enjoy life in a healthy, safe, and vibrant way.

Read our full story in the 2020 Responsible Investment Report.