Redevcast 7 The Mapic series

Picture redevcast france

In this new Redevcast – a series of seven – we engaged in conversation with Cécile Pouzadoux, Portfolio Director, and Vanessa Medioni, Head of Communications, both Redevco France, about urban place-making, new retail concepts and mixed-use opportunities in the context of making cities more sustainable and liveable.

As MAPIC unfolds this week and many colleagues from the retail real estate industry gather, we focus our attention to new formats that will revitalise the high streets and ensure cities and their centres will remain attractive places for people to be – whether they visit the place, work or live there.

The redevelopments of existing buildings, necessary to create new destinations, must consider the various ESG related topics and comply to regulations being developed and implemented as we speak. Furthermore, the challenging market situation and economic downturn that most economies experience right now does not make the real estate lives easier.

So how does the Redevco France team deal with all these variables influencing their work and the two iconic projects in Paris specifically? Listen to (or view) these podcasts to find out!