Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Ox space

Redevco’s vision to create more sustainable, liveable and dynamic cities is truly encapsulated in the idea behind OX.Space. If you ever thought traditional high streets were becoming outdated and in need of new concepts and ways of bringing communities together, ‘Oxygen for the city’ also known as OX, certainly takes an experimental approach. Redevco is proud to have this new concept developed in an asset it is managing as part of its €380 Million in transformational retail and residential investments in Rotterdam.

It seems Redevco and OX both deserve praise in trying to find the answer to an existential question which features in equal measure on both of their agendas: What does a city need today? OX gathers input from visitors, collaborators and the city itself in order to establish a space that will meet the desires of the local community.

At OX, under one roof, is a selection of ever-changing cross-cultural programming offering workshops, talks, performances, art exhibitions, film, music, dance, fitness and more alongside shops, food and drink. Pegged as a ‘place where good things happen’, ‘being together’ and ‘getting inspired’, OX.Space is located in the former ‘Donner Building’ at Lijnbaan 150 in Rotterdam. With a history of ‘firsts’ the historic Lijnbaan made its mark in a by-gone era by becoming the first retail high street in the Netherlands as well as the first car-free shopping zone.

As an investment management company with a passion for urban real estate, Redevco feels responsible in delivering low carbon, dynamic and liveable cities designed to enhance the planet and the lives and wellbeing of those who live in them. Needless to say, our cities are in deep need of revitalisation and radical changes must come into play.

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Lijnbaan 150, in the heart of the city centre of Rotterdam.