Bordeaux, France

Promenade Sainte-Catherine


In the historic city centre of Bordeaux Redevco developed a large-scale urban project, transforming an abandoned industrial site into a pleasant pedestrian district where life is organised around retail, leisure and housing. Promenade Sainte-Catherine, a 28,000 sqm large inner-city open air scheme including 19,000 sqm retail experience, is located right at the junction of rue Sainte Catherine and rue Porte Dijeaux, Bordeaux’s busiest high streets.

From design to construction, we integrated the concept of sustainability to all of the processes to ensure a clean site during and beyond the construction phase. This project combines respect for the environment and energy efficiency with an integrated architectural setting that adds value to the city.

The new nerve centre of Bordeaux comprises new and familiar brand names, both international and local, accommodated around a new central square in Bordeaux. All of them offer strong concepts in fashion, beauty, home furnishings, leisure and gastronomy. Many top brand names are here, like Lego, Bershka, Starbucks, Blue Box and Citadium to name a few. Promenade Sainte-Catherine is the perfect example of transforming a forgotten urban location into a vibrant place where people like to meet, to shop, to eat and to drink, in other words to create an experience.

Current state of the asset 2023

In our mission to make our assets more sustainable, the approach is to minimise the carbon impact of the asset. Currently, Promenade Sainte-Catherine is compliant with the CRREM GHG target in 2023 and the objective is to maintain and achieve the GHG CRREM targets by 2050. A strategy and action plan is proposed to reach this objective. This will also concern the energy consumption, water consumption, and waste production and second to use renewable energy sources, sustainable water sources, and more sustainable waste disposal wherever possible. Nonetheless, the action plan is composed of environmental actions (Improve certification, GRESB results, green lease, communication, projects idea).

Community garden promenade

Preserving 152 millions litres of water
In 2023, 51.84 kg of cigarettes butts were collected, meaning an increase of 28% compared to 2022. It represents 304,941 cigarettes butts that could be recycled, it means more than 830 cigarettes butts per day. The collection has made it possible to preserve 152 millions water litres.

Saving 3,462.6 kg of CO2 via Bicycompost
This service, which exists in Bordeaux, offers the possibility to collect your bio-waste by bicycle in order to recycle it by creating compost. Several restaurants have accepted and committed this service on Promenade Sainte Catherine.

In 2023, 7,511 kg of bio-waste was collected, this saved 3,462.6 kg of CO2.

Smartvatten – water sub-meters
Since the beginning of the year, 13 Smartvatten systems have been implemented for those who accepted and have an electrical closet near the water meter. Smartvatten is still working on a battery-powered system that could be installed for tenants who desired to get one. It could be a temporary solution for tenants without an electric closet.

Shops are open with closed doors
Since last year, tenants have a sticker on their entrance doors to warn potential clients that shops are opened even if doors are closed. However, some doors are still opened and after discussing with tenants, most of them say that it is a disadvantage especially for small businesses shops.

Customers are more likely to go to a well-known store when the doors are closed (because that’s what they’ve come for) than to a small boutique (which needs to make a name for itself). Stickers were provided to inform the clients that although the doors are closed, shops are open.

Lessons learned; communication and awareness is key
We observed some measures that could reduce energy consumption of some tenants. However, tenants retain ownership of their equipment and its operation. So, communication is tricky.

For the time being, the decision has been taken to give them tools (such as Smart Impulse, Smartvatten, the user energy guide) to move forward and let them implement their energy strategy and see how it evolves.

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