Salzstrasse 3, Münster, Germany

Low impact building materials

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Energy performance

By refurbishing the existing (historic) building structure as well as renewing all building services (e.g. low energy lifts & escalators) the new Primark store Münster realised a more than 40 % energy performance improvement against the German national calculation method EnEV.


With the exception of parts of the façade the existing building was demolished in 2016 and reconstructed afterwards. By the end of 2017 new tenant Primark opened their store in the heart of the city center of Münster.

  • The old building was in a very bad condition and inefficient.
  • Only the historic façade was preserved and renovated.
  • The rest of the building structure and the entire building services and interior have been renewed completely and comply with current advanced standards.
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The project Münster achieved a BREEAM 2009 Europe Commercial as well as a BREEAM In-Use certificate, both with rating Very Good. We worked closely together with tenant Primark to secure this respectable result.

Key measures

  • Fundamental optimisation of life cycle costs.
  • Energy efficient elevators and escalators (ThyssenKrupp).
  • Refurbishment of (historic) building façade.
  • Optimisation of health & wellbeing qualities (e.g. lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort) for Primark staff and clients.
  • Realisation of water-saving toilets, taps and other sanitary installations.


  • Early collaboration with tenant is very important.
  • BREEAM assessor has to join the planning team from the beginning to provide optimal consulting.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation of all involved parties is key to deliver the best results.
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  • Excellent building energy performance
  • Low energy lifts & escalators
  • Reuse of historical façade
  • Low impact building materials
  • LED lighting (by tenant)
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Salzstrasse 3

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